MENORIAS DE UNA PRENDA EN EL CUERPO - 2012- 2013.                                                                                                                                                    


We all have a clothing item that reminds us of some especial moments in our life.

Photo: Adolfo López

The project is based on investigating the connexion that can exist among jewellery, the diversity of clothing items and its relationship with memory and body.

I'm interested in working with the eidetic memory or photographic memory, where remembering what you have seen is as if you have experienced it.

People’s relationship with their body through clothing, the “let it show” and “hide it all”, the “being” and “not being”, and how we socially interact to each other through our way of dressing.

The clothing items that mark our body reflect our moods and feelings. Clothing and memories, the mark they leave in the person who wears them, imprints in our body and impressions in our memory.

The tearing down followed by the building process, showing the body without stopping marking the trajectory drawn in it by the clothing.

The body as an essential part of each piece; without the body, the jewel loses its form and without the form, the memory doesn’t emerge.

© 2020 por Rodrigo Acosta.

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