" Your mission of hunting the beast has come to an end, you’ve opened its tissues, separated each layer of its skin and turned its arteries into rags, you profaned the best of it. It's time to leave the battlefield and go back to your refuge, the pain for the lost love will unravel and disassemble what’s left of it."

Amor a lo Bestia


Silver, bullet cartridge, jacket part, cotton thread, steel wire

Photo: Adolfo López

The military uniform jacket helps me to recreate all that’s related to the military decorations, together with their symbology and materiality.

Des-contextualizing its purpose and form, the fabric of the jacket turns into a military decoration material.

The part of the jacket which is normally filled with decorations comes off the jacket and generates an empty space with a strong symbolic meaning. The piece of the jacket recovers its military decoration value when put together with other elements within the same composition.

It takes two to tango to achieve the final piece, the jacket, with its hole, and the ripped fragment turned into a military medal.

© 2020 por Rodrigo Acosta.

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