My work is based on investigating the connection that can be established between jewellery and the diversity of garments and its relationship with memory and the body.

People’s relationships with their bodies through the garments they wear, being seen and concealing, being and not being. States of being and feelings are reflected in the garments that shape the body. Garments, memory and the traces – both physical and mental – they leave on those who use them.
A process of deconstruction, only to rebuild again.
I am interested in fashion as a social phenomenon, as a construct of culture, as a part of the identity of a person, the reason why people choose what they choose to wear.
In this way, artistic jewellery allows me to combine two different worlds, by using classic jewellery techniques and garment production techniques, creating pieces that border between jewel-art and fashion-art.

Many times, my search for the new has led me to disorder, to chaos... I need to be carried away by what I feel, what I have experienced, by the natural or inner impulse that provokes an action or a feeling... free of prejudice, without awareness of reason.

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Photo: Jose Bravo.